Three Quarter Chinese

In the heart of the city stands Three Quarter Chinese, a unique restaurant that puts the never ending confusion of "Chinese or Indian food?" to rest. Catering to a growing taste for authentic Chinese cuisine along with a touch of the most popular Indian Nawabi spread makes a perfect balance for the ones looking to be pampered with choice.

A cleverly crafted name portrays the essence of Three Quarter Chinese, where three quarter of the menu is authentic Chinese cuisine and the other quarter a royal spread of Nawabi delight.

The interior reflects the mood of sailing the sea. A journey from the Nawabi spices to the subtle tastes of China, one could say. Each part of the restaurant mirrors a certain mood of the sea. From a stillness that mirrors the bright blue sky to the fury of a mighty monstrous demon, the interiors tastefully capture it all.

While the chefs from the Chinese kitchen have mastered their skills working with some of the best Chinese chefs in the country, their Nawabi counterparts from Lucknow have served the Nawabs for generations.


TQC Church Street


#22 Amoeba
Church street
Ph.No - 080-41121937
Contact person - Mr.Chang
Mobile no- 9902861113